​​How does it Work?                                                 

A brief explanation of the operation is as follows:

When the user's vehicle reaches a speed of 10 miles per hour, the app would AUTOMATICALLY  activate and a voice recording will say "Child & Pet Safe is now activated, if child or pet is not in vehicle, press the “Child or Pet is not on board” button to deactivate." A recorded voice would ask the user if their child or pet was in the vehicle. A button on the user’s mobile phone would be pushed to acknowledge. This works by being connected to satellites in space by GPS.

The app has an alarm that will AUTOMATICALLY go off when the vehicle is stopped or the ignition is off for 3 minutes. This could also be set manually as a back-up so that when the vehicle is stopped or shut off, the alarm would sound asking if there was a child or pet in the car.  The alarm would be a recorded voice.  Any button on the user’s mobile phone would need to be touched to confirm.

The alarm would also be able to be set to go off at different set times, for instance, if the user was going on a trip along the interstate, the user could set the alarm to go off at an exact specified time while traveling long distances to remind them that their child or pet is in the car, and to check on how the child or pet is doing.

When the car is stopped and or not running for a period of up to 3 minutes, there will be an alarm that goes off automatically. The app alarm will also have a reset button in the event the user is at a traffic light, stop sign, or in a traffic jam for 3 minutes or longer. Once the reset button is pushed, the automatic mode of the app alarm will resume back to its regular point of operation.

The panic button would allow a child who is old enough to have a phone to be able to quietly and silently push the panic button in such an event of being kidnapped or abducted. The panic button would alert parents and Law Enforcement, and the GPS technology on the phone would be able to pinpoint where the child is.  The panic button could also be used by parents to let the other parent know that a dangerous situation has arisen.

The travel alarm button would allow the user to set an alarm to go off at any time while traveling long distances.  It would send a message asking the user to check on the child or pet every 1.5 to 2 hours.

Also included is an appointment calendar with time and date to remind the user to pick up from daycare, school, or birthday party, as well as picking up the pet from the vet or pet grooming. 

The app also allows the user to synchronize the appointment calendar with other user’s mobile phone(s).  This would allow some other person to receive a notification that other arrangements need to be made to pick up child/children or pet when the person originally responsible has something preventing them from doing so. 

The Amber Alert alarm, which would notify the user when a child has been abducted or is missing, would be included in the app. 

The user’s current location through GPS, display of the time, date, outside temperature and the chance of rain would be included in the app.

There will be a map system where the user can input addresses of frequently driven to locations and when the user reaches that location, the alerts will begin.  This will override the motion alerts function of the app.  If the parent driving the child or pet does not reply after two attempts then a third warning is sent to the parent driving the child, as well as the other parent linked to the account. 

The app could be personalized by adding the names of all children or pets.  This feature would be a recorded voice asking if "Nick" or "Stephanie" is in the vehicle, or "Snoopy" the dog is in the car.  This would be a paid option, where not only could the user add their child or pets name(s), but the user could record their own voice asking if they were in the car. 

The app would receive alerts for recalls (any recalls having to do with safety) of children's car seats, strollers, baby food, medicine, and toys. The same would apply for pets, like dog food, dog treats, dog toys and the like. The app would allow the user to view past and present recalls on any products relating to children and pets.  

What are the Benefits of Using this Application? 

The unique features of this application will provide the following benefits for all users: 

The Child & Pet Safe app is not just for parents but for anyone who might be driving children and pets in the car.
A synchronized appointment calendar is available between any users to alert all that the original person responsible for picking up a child or pet may have had an emergency preventing them from doing so.  The alarm alerts that other arrangements need to be made.
Multiple alarms available for warning of any child or pet left in the car.
Child & Pet Safe is a completely free downloadable app offered on Android and Apple.


Mr. Cooper envisions his product to appeal to a multitude of consumers worldwide. He is working on the following ideas for the usage of his app:

Work with Onstar (vehicle satellite) having them incorporate his app concept into vehicle satellite systems.
SIRIUS satellite for vehicles would be another possibility. 
Involve Metro PCS by having them suggest to the public to download the app at no charge. 
Introduce the idea to consider through technology a means of enabling government issued phones (like SAFELINK and ASSURANCE) to be compatible, allowing the technology of this app to also be on those phones. 
Involve DCF (Division of Children and Families) so that they recommend to parents to download the app as a condition of a court ordered ruling.  
Introduce the app to parenting classes for free download. 
Include manufacturers of children's car seats, baby strollers, cribs, and pet products to include a recommendation within the instruction booklet to download the app.
Include the swimming pool industry as a means to share safety information.   

The markets are endless for the ingenious application Child and Pet Safe.  Google Play and iTunes are the most popular application stores in the primary market and are the ideal places to market this application. There are several new stores in the cyber world for the Android version of this application such as, AppsLib, Samsung Apps, F-Droid, Slide ME, GetJar, and Amazon App Store for Android.  Mr. Cooper remains flexible in the market for future possibilities that could improve the expediency and marketability of his product.

Child & Pet Safe